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Volunteer eBook available from HODR Alumni

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

The Underground Guide to International VolunteeringKirsty Henderson, a veteran of four international HODR projects and other volunteering projects worldwide, has written an ebook called ‘The Underground Guide to Volunteering’ ( Her aim is to provide people who want to volunteer worldwide with the knowledge and confidence they need to make it happen.

People who want to volunteer are often put off by fees charged by the companies who arrange the placement, sometimes up to $1000 per week, or more. Kirsty wants to show these people that the HODR model of free volunteering opportunities is alive and well all over the world. She gives tips on how to find these opportunities, lists helpful websites, interviews a selection of people who have volunteered worldwide in a variety of programs, and also includes a list of organizations in need of volunteers. She talks about managing expectations, choosing a volunteering opportunity that is a good fit for you and gives a lot of practical advice learned through first-hand experience.

‘The Underground Guide to Volunteering’ costs $14 and $7 of each sale will be donated to HODR with a goal of eventually raising $10,000. So far Kirsty has raised $1000 and she’s working hard at adding to that total. Buy a copy or tell your friends and help HODR in the process!

Kirsty Henderson is a HODR alumni writing from a constantly changing location. For more information you can visit her blog at