Iowa: Project Update

We are assisting the Jasper County Emergency Management Agency and City of Colfax, Iowa with their flood recovery. We have undertaken a Coordinative Services project in Jasper County by proving support with intake of requests for volunteer assistance from the community, coordination of spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers as well as the facilitation of a system connecting requests to regional and national nonprofits responding in the area.

We have established a local phone number that is being used to funnel interested local volunteers and requests for assistance into one central database, the backbone of our operation.

We are working with groups such as NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) and Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief. All currently have volunteer teams ranging from 6-12 volunteers in Colfax, IA performing cleanup, tear-out and sanitation work on flood damaged homes.

The project will be ongoing for the next several weeks or until the requests and volunteer flow slow down and the operation can be transitioned to a local organization for the long term recovery.


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