MILWAUKEE: Flooding Update

Milwaukee County Emergency Management in the State of Wisconsin requested HODR’s help with volunteer coordination. HODR is supporting the efforts of the Southeast Wisconsin Citizens and Organizations Active in Disaster (COAD). The COAD is responding to their community’s recent flooding by operating a Volunteer Reception Center and connecting volunteers to people with needs.

After traveling to Milwaukee County and meeting with emergency management and COAD leaders HODR decided that the best contribution we could make would be to lend our data management expertise and help streamline the processing of incoming calls seeking assistance and the referral of requests to volunteers.

We have set up several online forms and a database for the COAD to use in their efforts. HODR will work closely with the COAD in the coming days to ensure that the process meets their needs and improves the area’s disaster recovery effort.

We are also coordinating with the FEMA Voluntary Agency Liaison for FEMA’s Region Five in this effort although, at this point, FEMA has not declared this disaster for “Individual Assistance.”

Given the size of the disaster we do not anticipate having to launch a HODR volunteer project. Local resources and organizations seem like they will be able to handle the cleanup effort quickly.

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