AMERICAN SAMOA: Tsunami Assessment Announcement

Over the past couple of weeks the destruction that has hit the South Pacific has drawn worldwide attention. This string of disasters has devastated the Samoan Islands, the Philippines, and Indonesia with typhoons, earthquakes, and a tsunami.

In response to these events HODR has a team on the ground in the Philippines that is also monitoring the situation in Indonesia, and are now also heading to the Samoan Islands. On September 29 a powerful 8.0 earthquake created a series of tsunami waves that struck American Samoa and Western Samoa. Some of the waves are estimated to have been as high as 6 meters (more than 19 feet) high, and initial estimates show that as many as 15,000 people have been affected. Bill and Jeremey are en route and will arrive in American Samoa late on Sunday, October 11 to start the assessment.

HODR is launching an “assessment,” which to us is a fact-finding mission: What is the scope of damage on the ground? What are the needs of the community? Do the needs overwhelm the local ability to respond? Are there gaps in the response efforts that we can help meet through volunteer efforts or coordination services? Where can we be most effective? Answering these questions helps us figure out if, how and where we are needed most.

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Check back to for updates and if you’re new to our site, take a look around at photos, videos and updates from past projects to get a true sense of the power of volunteers in disaster response.

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You can also support these efforts by donating to our South Pacific Disaster Recovery Fund.

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